Thursday, 20 June 2013

busy soap making.

I am busy making soap for a friend.

Cant seem to get purple.

Used blueberry, mangosteen skin, stoneseed and used alkanet!

But what I got was an almost black, murky green, moss green, brown, dark brown, plain grey, greyish purplish (or is it purplish greyish) and very very very faint purple.
It doesnt really help when the ash kicks in later.

1st set I had to rebatch due to lye content did not sufficiently dissolve.
Cant remember what I did wrong! Maybe I didnt blend it well..
I dont mind rebatching in small amount but when it comes to an almost 4kg amount!! 
Fyi, I chopped instead of grate.
Added some white curls (some were curled and some werent) – embedded into the rebatch soap. Status: already cut, can see the white soap curls in some.

2nd batch looks ok so far, with TD to whiten. Didnt get a white, more of an off white.
A trial (with TD), to somehow highlight the colours added, used red halloysite, indigo and alkanet. got faint red, faint blue, and i think a faint purple. Already cut, each with its own design and in various height. 

3rd batch just did last night (in the wee hours of 20th June 2013-yes i became batman and got panda eyes and missed the 'bus' to work). Ingredients slightly the same with 2nd batch. Due to the 34% water amount instead of 36% water amount, the oil + lye mixture traced very fast and my top swirl was not really a swirl. more of a glop glop drop drop. tried to bang the drawer (soap mold) on the table since it became a glop - dont know if I succeeded. hopefully no huge air bubbles trapped inside. and no undissolved lye!!

4th batch, hopefully tonight if sleep doesnt get the best of me.
lack of sleep, since last weekend.

wish me luck!!



  1. Salam Mint....bizi menyabun ye..mesyk tumah harum bau bau sabun yg berbagai.hmmmm

  2. Tak jadi purple pun xperrr :)