Friday, 9 November 2012

Shampoo Bar

i wanna make a shampoo bar(s) tomorrow, using Soap Queen recipe.

maybe i could ask my mom to take care of Nawfal in the morning...


Otherwise i cant do anything.. really.. 

right now, his naps are really really short.maybe an hour or less.
and if that happens, i really cant do anything but just sit beside him and watch him play, when he wakes up. and watch a bit of TV when he sleeps.

he's in the stage where he will crawl, yes. and CLIMB. just so he could stand.
he's started climbing the stairs, which is a definite no-no.
he has been watching us going up and down the stairs so he wants to do the same.
but he could only managed to climb the first step so far..

i'm really excited about the shampoo bar thing.
i want to cure my dandruff woes.

if it works, i can have my daughter use it too coz her dandruff problem is slightly worse than mine.

i've only used my soap bars as an All-in-One, Top-to-Toe kind-of wash. I use it for my hair and body. 

I have many soaps for use now but i want to have a specific one for my hair, 
specifically to cure my dandruff! 

hopefully this works!


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