Tuesday, 16 October 2012

munch.. sleep..cherish!

i want to lose weight..


i need a good nights rest.

otherwise when i reach the office i wont be able to stop munching.

why i munch?
to stop myself from getting sleepy..

why i get sleepy?

i sleep late, getting the kids stuff ready for the following day.

stuff here as in, boil the bottles 
(yes, i still boil- i dont use any special tablets or fancy cookware to do this. 
courtesy of my mother. old school way is the best way, i think)

pack their bags (niece has kindergarten and nephew is sent to the nanny's house).

niece only 1 bag with at least 3 sets of clothes, a bottle + formula, soap, towel

nephew 2 bags.
first bag with at least 4 sets of clothes, 10 x pampers, lotion, baby oil and minyak telon. 
second bag with bottles and 2 milk formulas. we mix.

if i'm naughty i'll watch tv

if i'm nice, i go to bed after a good hot shower

by the time my head reaches the pillow, i'm gone.
provided my nephew has already slept.

otherwise, i have to make sure he sleeps first or we'll somehow sleep together or i'll fell asleep for a split second or two and oh, you know how that goes when you're tired, swamped.

then nephew will get up at about 5 am and i give him his milk and then i fell asleep again.

i should just stay awake but somehow sleep has gotten the best of me 
and i wake up again at 6.30 or 6.45 am. 

then all kelam kabut!

got to bathe my niece, make here her morning milk, she dresses herself so that saves me about 3 minutes of time, ha ha.

bathe my nephew, dress him, make him his other morning milk and make sure he drinks it.
he sometimes doesnt drink the milk until 8 am. ngada-ngada! :P
ye la, kalau suruh pegang botol sendiri tak nak minum, kalau orang pegangkan minum pulak.

then i'm late for work. 

i explained to my boss so he's okay with it. 
so lucky part 1, alhamdulillah

my actual working hours is, unofficially, at 8.30 am, onwards, 
when we should actually start at 8am.

finish work at 5.30-ish, or 6 plus-ish. 

drive back, pick up my son at school, pick up my nephew at the nanny's house. 

spoon feed my nephew, play with him, i get my daughter to help with this as well. hehehe. mak pun join in. mana larat nak jaga dia sorang sorang wei! 
so lucky part 2, alhamdulillah

make milk for niece and nephew. 

and the whole routine starts again and again and again..

i am so so so sure some of you has a lot of other things to do than what i've described here.
if you noticed, i didnt mention cook or buy food for dinner or something similar coz i dont.
you must think i'm lucky for not having to do this. 

so I am! for now! 
so lucky part 3, alhamdulillah

not for long tho, coz we're planning to move to our own place.

i should cherish the amount of sleep m getting now right..

when i moved into my own crib.. i will have more things to do.

like clean the house! 

and maybe....


oh no!!

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