Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Update for soap.


haritu m dah tulis post baru. 
tapi bila tengok preview, beberapa ayat jadi bentuk kotak2 warna putih, 
ayat tak nampak langsung!
m cuba copy paste pun tak jalan.
jadi lahirlah sebuah post baru!!


i wanted to tell you about my red bean soaps, 
my pandan+carbon soap with the heart red bean soap embedded on top, 
but since it couldnt come out nice, 
i'm going to add another story, 
my swirly carbon soap that didnt make it because the lye did not mix thoroughly with water.

i made some red bean soaps right, 
i made 2 batches, the first batch, the red bean paste wasnt that fine 
so i'm guessing there is a possibility that it might be rotten
but not yet so far..

the second batch, i made the red bean paste finer.
but for both, i cut them too late resulting in a crumbly bottom upon cutting..

part of the 2nd batch, i poured into this heart shaped moulds.
in the 3rd batch, i poured into heart mold as well..
wait a minute, now i'm not sure if i had a 3rd batch... 

well, for all the red beans soaps i've made, 
i have yet to use them on me.. 

i wanted to make a wedding gift for  a friend 
i think her them was dirty rose + moss green
that was why i used red beans for the dirty rose colour.

then, after about a month break of no soaping, i made pandan soap, 
the idea was to place the red bean hearts on top of the green one 
this was the plan lah!!

i made the pandan one but instead of 2, i made 3 colours. 
Pandan and carbon bottom base plus the embedded rose hearts.

it was wowwwiiieeeee!
bukan nak angkat bakul sendiri but its an achievement and i love it
its not that often kan tengok hasil kerja tangan sendiri yang menarik nih..
nanti m post gambar ek =)

unfortunately for me, when i added the hearts i didnt adjust the position properly.

want to know why?
gonna tell you anyway pun kan...

because i was in a hurry to watch Game of Thrones!! 
it was the 2nd last episode (i thought it was the last episode okay) 
i did miss about 5-10 minutes worth of story okay. 
NOT good.

So, my hearts were almost all over the place and when i cut, it was even worse.
m talking about my red bean soap hearts okay..
it wont make sense if i was talking about my own heart 
coz it'd be heart iso heart(s).

i made it in a slab mould 
i did not use the dividers because if i did, it wont be straight. 
i think because the dividers are too long..
so, i cut it! i cut the soap with a parang!

it was sooooooo uneven! not good!

then just a few days ago, i tried making my carbon soap, 
i was running out of it so i had to make new ones.
ingatkan boleh la jual (angan2 yang tak menjadi) bila dah siap tapi lain pula ceritanya.

the lye didnt dissolve in water, resulting in lye spots all over my soap.
i've cut it into cubes, (instead of grating), lazy i know!!
i put them in the oven just last night, but nothing happened. 
maybe the temperature was too low..

so now m in the process of rebatching.. will update!

Chao chao

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