Monday, 2 April 2012

Laundry Soap


tried making my own laundry soap.

just plain soap. zero superfat with tap water.

yup, you heard read me right! I used tap water!


it's just for laundry. why should i use coconut milk or distilled water..

i used it for 3-4 washes recently and added manmade vinegar as a softener.

no added borax or baking soda or whatever during washing..

dont have time to check the laundry really.. to see if there is a difference..

hopefully i can feel the difference when i wear my clothes!

and since its not the bought detergent i use, m happy enough!

i'm trying to decrease my usage of factory produced detergents..

 i try.. dunno how long it will ast tho.

pic before grating.
crumbly, due to no superfatting..


close up of grated soap..

cantik kan?  :)

another close up..

i loike!!

curing period!!

chao chao!!


  1. Replies
    1. maaf, lama tak bukak blog.
      bagi m masa k..

      plus u hv to add other stuff besides this soap.
      according to some blogs, u hv to add sodium carbonate and sodium borate so that it'll work better..

      i need 2 months.. =)
      and you'll be my guinea pig k..

    2. wei, almost done... nak kasi kat u camne?